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Page history last edited by Mileros 3 years, 10 months ago

Snipe Quest


d, w, s, read book, e, cross bridge, 2e, n, 2w, n, w, d, n, w, n,get gum, s, e, s, u, e, s, 2e, n, 4up, climb tree, (wait until you ride the sprocket, when there is an up exit go up), give gum monster, d, (ride sprocket again until down exit), 4d, 2s, all e, d, 2s,w, crawl hole, 2w, 2n, ne, turn key until device begins moving, ne, e, ride car, all e, n, get cage, beam up, d, w, s, read book, e, cross bridge, wind spider (until it starts following you, make sure cage is open, wander around until you find a Snipe, the spider will wrap it up), get cocoon, put cocoon in cage, close cage, (from entrance to gnomeland), 4e, se, sw, 2s, give cage princess.

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