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'Why must I go through this training, Father Homuli?  I am a warrior in the name of Adon, not a priest!  All this about healing and medicine, it takes away time from sword practice - what Paladins truly do!' 

                                -Saint Dyronis during his years as a squire.


'I showed that old man, though.  He never expected to see me use a skill like that in the heat of battle.  Adon's healing forces have a particularly potent effect upon living corpses.

                                -Saint Dyronis, in a memoir of a battle with the Fallen.



Spell : Caduceus

Cost  : 50 Mana

Type  : Healing

Usage : heal [target]

Requirements : 30 Wil, 15 Chr


Game play

This skill used to only provide a small heal to others, it has been revamped in 2021 to provide be able to passive heal bonus to the paladin or a slow versus undead.


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