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Yxuxacta, also referred to as acid or acidland, is an adventure in psychedelia




Shaftdust City was created by Speed before 2011



Cabal Connections

Cabal can be accessed by buying a cube or magnet from Fred in Eternal City and 'ingest'ing

It can later be accessed by purchasing the crystallized lysergic staff from Frankie Mountaintop in A Large Run-Down Shop and 'lick'ing it



Toad: The entrance to Yxuxacta



where the shops lockers banks inn are and any other similar room

room for sub wiki pages here


Places of Interest

  • Shaftdust City
    • Church of Squidology
    • Area 744



There are no guilds in Yxuxacta


Pig-fu Trainer

Pigs can train their pig-fu in Yxuxacta, to get to the trainer: from Toad: n, w, 5n, 2e, 5n, 4w, 6s, 3n, 3e, scrape fungus, nibble fungus, 2w, nw, w, n, e, wriggle hole, n, sit chair, pull lever



Bowl of Yxuxacta Soup

Acid Quest

Green Eggs and Ham


Things to ponder




  • 1/500 chance to clone a boot of power
    • then a 1/50 chance the boot of power goes to great power
  • 1/500 chance for the other rare types



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