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Various armor pieces and sets:

Cloak of fury allows you all to deal 12 more damage with every strike of the fist, sword, or hammer
Cloak of thorns thorns wrap around your body and weapons, damaging everyone who strikes you, or whom you strike
Coif of the Coiffur bonus charisma
Gauntlets of speed

+10 dexterity, +saber speed skill, flurry of attacks special

Goggles of blindness makes you blind
Goggles of insanity drives enemies mad during combat
Goggles of petrification causes delay to enemies in combat
Gorget of protection when you are hit in the neck, you are healed instead of harmed.
Hand of the mage

gives the ability to steal light items, create light

Intricate mantle of gold, lapiz, and onyx

gives resistances of levels from Significantly to Very, for all damage types.

moan in pain causes those present in the room to be petrified with fear

Large nightvision goggles

can see in dark rooms, removes penalties for Drow in light rooms

Locked gauntlets cannot be disarmed
Platinum headdress with a quartz in the center

gives a special ego attack, +10 int +20 wil -20 con, +Sith skills

Robe of stars

will cover most body types, stars can be removed and used as throwing stars

Suit of clockwork armor

This armor enhances the wearer's natural strength and resiliance.

Suit of dwarven plate This is the epitome of dwarven design.
Suit of gelatinous plate armor It is strangely pliable enough that you could mold it to the shape of your own body. Pun not intended.
Suit of rhino hide armor This is a suit of hide armor crafted of many layers of leather stitched together.


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