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     Wands are generally used by mages, in one hand


List of wands available in the game:


Damage Val
Damage Speed
a holy wand of Squidiology
Chunk  2.60 
an unholy wand of Squidiology
Chunk  2.60 

a ruby wand of magic missile

6 Very Hard  1.50 
Dungeon Wand of magic 10 Splinter 2.05
Wand of pain  Hurts To See It  1.05 
a redwood wand 9 Chunk 0.65
a wand wrapped in shadow 5 Hard 1.40



Guilds and Specializations which offer training in wand proficiency:



Initial Cost
Spellcaster's Guild  
Warlocks Guild  
Illusionsts Guild  
Runesmiths Guild  
Necromancers Guild  
Pixie Trainer 800 xp, 200 coins


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