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Ruby wand of missiles

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This is a slender wand carven from a single brilliant ruby. The handle is wrapped in a white leather with several black scorch marks. This wand of missiles can be wielded even by one unfamiliar with such magics either as a rod, which would allow the magics to be released with most hits, or as a normal wand; blasting at will. A mage familiar with magical missiles can hold it in their hand and focus their magics through it, gaining greater power in their missiles.


Location Darklands Dungeon
Monster None Random Drop
Requirements Dungeon Requirements
Limit No


+[X] to int (between 5 and 25)

+magic missile skill (5 - 20)

can <blast> to use a charge

Damage type magic
Weight 1
Storable No
Material Ruby
Balanced No
Damage * Very Hard
Speed * 1.50
Damage stat int
Speed stat wil


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Comments (1)

igros said

at 8:31 pm on Aug 19, 2023

NOTE: high stat of 200 and all other stats at 100 is NOT sufficient to wield this wand.

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