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Squids have evolved to the point where they can now live upon and traverse the land with relative ease.  A Squid's body consists mainly of its dome, or head, and its ten tentacles.


Starting Stats

Str 12
Int 12
Wil 11
Con 10
Dex 9
Chr 6



Hitpoints 54
Mana 58
Fatigue 53
Free Points 7



Electric Somewhat susceptible
Magic Electric Somewhat susceptible



Bonuses / Penalties:

  • Special tentacle attack proc (need 2 free tentacles/hands, str based).
  • Can wear 2 extra rings, and have 4 appendages to hold items & shields or wield weapons.
  • Immune to some mind effect (pollen from McDonald's daisy, force confusion from jedi).
  • Oddly shaped bodies cannot wear certain armor.


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