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Intricate mantle of gold, lapiz, and onyx

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This is a mantle made for the Pharaohs of the desert kingdoms from ancient legends. The gold is thick, far thicker than plate mail. Upon the gold is large slabs of lapiz, and onyx. In the edges of the mantle is enscribed a message in the ancient languages of the Pharaohs. If you are trained at reading languages, you can probably read it.


The enscription reads: The power within is a power rare. Moan in pain for the mummy's despair.

Darklands Dungeon
Mummy King
Dungeon Level 2 Requirements
Arcana Protection
Insanely Awesome
Oracle Protection
Oracle Magicks Unbeatable
Locations left shoulder, right shoulder

Gives resistances of levels from Significantly to Very, for all damage types.

Moan in pain causes those present in the room to be petrified with fear



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