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Hand of the mage

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This is a single red leather glove. It is ornamented with embossed braidwork and gold leaf. The glove extends only to the top of the wrist, looking quite like a sturdier version of a gentleman's opera glove.


After Identification : 

speak the word 'illumin' and the glove will light up, or cease to glow if already illuminated. The true power of the glove is its ability to grasp things in the possession of others. It has a weak grasp, but anything of five pounds or less that is not otherwise grasped my be pulled to you with the command 'tk'. Simply 'tk <item> from <target> to make what is theirs, yours.


Darklands Dungeon
None - Random Drop
Arcana Protection
Oracle Protection
Oracle Magicks None
Locations left hand

Gives the ability to steal light items

Create light



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