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Suit of clockwork armor

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This is an excuisitely crafted suit of layered brass, steel, mithril and adamantine interconnected by gears, springs, and pistons. In the center of the breast, there is a keyhole for a large clock-key.


Identified :
This armor enhances the wearer's natural strength and resiliance. When the clockwork is wound and operating, the benefits are greatly enhanced, as well as enhancing the wearer's speed and thus accuracy in combat.

The suit must be identified to discover its bonus level


Darklands Dungeon
None - Random drop
Arcana Protection
Insanely Awesome
Oracle Protection
Oracle Magicks Unbeatable
Locations stomach, left arm, left shoulder, right arm, right shoulder, right calf, left
calf, right thigh, left thigh, and chest.

Suit bonus, X,  can be between +10 and +50 bonus

Per short description gives bonus +X str and + X / 2 con and  + X / 2 dex when wound

When unwound gives X / 2 to str and con.

Gives bonus proficiency X / 5 when wound, to all proficiencies.


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