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Suit of gelatinous plate armor

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This is a large rubbery mass of gelatin shaped into a suit of plate armor. It is clear, with a yellow tint, and jiggles disturbingly.


After identifing :

It is strangely pliable enough that you could mold it to the shape of your own body. Pun not intended.


 Darklands Dungeon
 None - Random Drop
Arcana Protection
 Insanely Awesome
Oracle Protection
Oracle Magicks  Unbeatable
Locations  Covers as a suit for any body shape.  Pigs are unable to wear it.

 +5 Str, +10 Wil +10 Con

 -15 Dex, - 15 Chr

Very resistant to Blunt and  Extremely resistant to Corrosive
Significantly susceptible to Edged and Fire

Moderately susceptible to Magic Fire &  Piercing

Has one or more specials that cause damage and delay (delay a theory based on message)



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