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The androids are robotic and cybernetic units designed for a variety of military and hazardous civilian tasks.  They have limited intelligence but are capable of immense physical strength.  Unlike organic races, androids have no mana.  They are not recommended for inexperienced players.


Starting Stats

Stat Starting value Cost modifier
Str 20 50
Int 7 500
Wil 7 500
Con 20 50


Chr 3 700



Hitpoints 100
Mana 0
Fatigue 61
Free Points 0


Race Resistances

Asphyxiation Completely resistant
Cold Somewhat susceptible
Disease Completely resistant
Edged Somewhat resistant
Electric Devastatingly susceptible
Energy Moderately susceptible
Fire Moderately resistant
Magic Electric Devastatingly susceptible
Magic Fire Moderately resistant
Piercing Moderately resistant
Poison Completely resistant
Psychic Completely resistant


Racial Bonuses:

Each android player gets a module loader, which has the can be loaded with the following modules :

Battery    - Doubles modloader energy storage capacity
Generator  - Doubles modloader energy recovery rate
Repair     - Repair module allows rapid repair of damaged chassis
Beacon     - Beacon module calls dropship for pickup
Floodlight - Big high powered spotlights
Cloak      - Chameleon cloak will mimic background, disguising unit
Powerup    - Boosts hydraulic system, increasing str and dex
Tracker    - Detect target's location.
Matrix     - Enhanced systems protection.


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