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This is an underwater world. Filled with cave and ships to explore, Kraken to avoid and a chance to see the mythical city of Atlantis.





when was is made, by who, what major changes have happened?



Cabal Connections



Arriving via the whirlpool from Eternal will land you just north of the Ruins/City.



Atlantis is linked to Eternal via two routes.


If the character is yet to completed the Aphrodite's Eyes Quest, the exit is just inside the Blue Whale Skeleton and though a hole.

If the character has completed the Aphrodite's Eyes Quest, the exit is found aboard the Atlantis Shuttle Bus inside Atlantis City



The cabal is almost completely submerged in the ocean. Unless you head to the City or head up to the Tropical Island you will need to be able to deal with the sea water.


Within the underwater world you can visit the following places:


A Blue Whale Skeleton [Newbie Area]

The remains of a blue whale and the home to Lord Droul.


A Sunken Fridge [Newbie Area]

A refrigerator filled with rotten meat and decaying vegtables run by an evil overlord.


Tropical Island [Newbie Area]

A small sunny island, filled with as many cannibals as cocoanut trees. Watch out for the tiger!


Atlantis Ruins

The ruins of the once thriving underwater city.


A Ship Wreckage

A battleship filled with a skeleton crew. Lead by a powerful officer.


Kraken Cave

A small Kracken community. Not very welcoming to strangers.


Atlantis City

The ledgendry culture of the underwater is true and its available to explore.



Places of Interest



The underwater Volcano can be found just north of the ship entrance and south of the fridge. It is home to the Squid King



Aphrodite's Eyes




Small Dull Dagger --> Located on the Undead First Officer found in the Ship.


Things to ponder


Atlantis City / Ruins

In order to find the city first you must return it to its former glory by completing the Aphrodite's Eyes Quest. Only then can you walk in the city. Completing the quest will also lock out the blue skeleton whale.


Scuba Gear

Scuba gear is available at the arrival point. It will give 60min of air when fully charged. The tanks can be recharged at stations throughout Atlantis. Not all characters will need the scuba gear. Squid's are quite capable to breathing underwater all by themselfs.

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