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Beer is themed about Douglas Adams's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Walk the halls of a Damogranian government building, see what the Hooloovoo are up to or lose youself in a Teracon cave.





when was is made, by who, what major changes have happened?



Cabal Connections

Beer is linked to Eternal via the Nexus.



The Eternal nexus will relocate you the Beer. The Nexus is a waundering monster and can be found in and about the Eternal City. Once found found, entry to the cabal is possable with the command 'enter nexus'. Upon entry you will be place at the "The Lobby of the Damogran Government Building" which is to the south of the main hallway on the Entry and Prison level.



The Entry and Prison level nexus will take you back to the Transdimensional Intermultiversial Oracle in Eternal. Its located an the nortern end of the main hallway.



The cabal can be split into 2 main areas. One being a Futuristic Government Building with three levels. The other is a small town located near a mind bending cave.



see Teracon


Note: the Damogran Goverment Building has no economy or player services.


Places of Interest


Damogran Goverment Building

  • Entry and Prison
  • Laboratory
  • Barracks



  • City
  • Cave


Things to ponder

The answer to the ultimate question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

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