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The Castles cabal is filled with all types of castles. They range in size just as much as the demeanor of their population. There is also a town that occupies some land near one of the larger castles.




when was is made, by who, what major changes have happened?



Cabal Connections

The cabal is spread across the mud. It has two main points of entry: one east of eternal city and one west.


Castles East

North east of the Eternal cabal is a "A yawning black gap". Going east links to the cabal. The room seems to give you a random chance of leaving it. So keep going east to until the "Dark Plateau". Conversely keep heading west from the Plateau to leave the area.


Castles West 

To the west of the Eternal Heart is a green hill. This is the Castles West link.

Down from the green hill links to the Baronar cabal




Castles East

Mostly set in a typical medieval setting with a few EOTL twists.


Castle Doom

Built near the site of a now ruined Red Temple, this small castle as a few eerie occupants.


Battlefield of Mt E'jja

Join the fight from across the ages, or go and meet an Orcish tribe settled into the Mounts top.


Dungeon of Doom

Beneath the Castle lies a dungeon. Besides the token torturer, it is home to a few other nasty suprises


Castles West

Dark Castle

Refuge for the Draconians and famous for its red amulets and it spanning bridge complete with a Balrog


Castle Drakmoor

King Duburt, Lord of the Realms rules from here. The Lingest teach,the Riddler riddles and the dragons roost in the tower.


Lord Wright's Castle

A Castle well fortified and home to a powerful mage. Lord Wright rules with an iron fist.



A small port town with few secrets, it hides under the protection of Lord Wright's Castle.



where the shops lockers banks inn are and any other similar room

room for sub wiki pages here


Places of Interest

why is is worth going to this cabal, newbie aeras, monster haunts, good items to be had, etc

room for sub wiki pages here




Located in the Dungeon of Doom



Riddlers Quest



Things to ponder

interesting thing to consider, things that dont fit into other sections but are mentionable

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