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Heavy Polearm

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     Proficiency in the heavy polearm includes most of the heavier, multiple-handed thrusting weapons you are bound to discover.  Some examples are awl pikes, Lucerne hammers, and large spears.


List of heavy polearms you can find in the game:


Damage Value Damage Speed
the DragonLance Chunk  1.05 
Great scythe of temporis Chunk   0.65 
Dungeon Scythe 11  Disfigure   1.20 
Dungeon Longspear 10  Splinter  1.50 
Dungeon Military Fork 11  Disfigure  1.35 
Dungeon Ranseur 11 Disfigure 1.20
Dungeon Guisarme 11 Disfigure 1.20
Dungeon Bohemian Ear-spoon 10 Splinter 1.50
a large, steel poleaxe 9 Chunk 0.70
northern glaive 8 Hurts To See It 
Dungeon Trident 10 Splinter 1.75
Dungeon Partisan 10 Splinter 1.50
Dungeon Glaive 11 Disfigure 1.20



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