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Heavy Sword

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     Proficiency in the heavy sword includes most of the heavier, multiple-handed cutting weapons you are bound to discover.  Some examples are bastard swords and two-handed swords.


List of heavy swords you can find in the game:



Damage Value
Damage Speed
Sword of Truth
Hurts To See It 1.10
5-headed dragon sword
Very Hard 1.15
a Holy Avenger 9
Chunk 0.90
Kristar, the Midnight Longsword 7
Massacre 1.00
An immense chainsaw 10
Splinter 1.80
The sword of faith 10
Diamond bastard sword 8
Hurts To See It 0.65
Ancient Sword 8
Hurts To See It
An Azure Blade 9
Chunk 1.05
Flaming topaz broadsword 9
Chunk 1.00
Dungeon Zweihander 11
Disfigure 1.20
Dungeon Bastard Sword 10
Splinter 1.50
Weighted Claymore 8
Hurts to See It 0.80
Great sword of dvergar destruction 8
Hurts to See It 0.80
Brightly shining longsword 9 Chunk 0.90
Dungeon Claymore 11 Disfigure 1.35

a green-hued bastard sword

Hurts to See It  0.85 

an immense, bloody broadsword

Chunk  1.00 

an adamantite scimitar


a Brightly shining longsword 

Chunk   0.90 
a gleaming longsword 10 Splinter 2.50
a rusty bastard sword 8 Hurts To See It 1.15
claymore of the deep 8 Hurts To See It 0.35
a bastard sword glowing yellow
9 Chunk 1.15
a diamond bladed sword 7 Massacre 1.50
a pretty big sword 7 Massacre 1.00
a Sordlah greatsword
10 Splinter 1.25
Dungeon Falchion 10 Splinter 1.75
a heavy glass sword 8 Hurts To See It 2.75




Guilds and Specializations which offer training in Heavy Sword:



Starting Cost
Capacitor's Guild 1000
Fallen Specialization 800
Fighters' Guild 600 
Bodyguard Specialization 500
Berserker Specialization 600
Crusader's Guild 1500
Paladin Specialization 950
Padawan Guild  



*Lightsabers are considered both Light Sword and Heavy Sword.



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