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     Proficiency in the knife includes all short bladed, single-handed weapons you are likely to discover.  Some examples are daggers, knives, and razors. 


List of knives you can find in the game:

  • a dull steel dagger -> a gleaming shortsword 

Knife Ranking



Damage Value
Damage Speed
a stalker knife
Splinter 2.05

Dungeon Dirk

10 Splinter 2.05

Enticer the double edged blade

4 Hard 1.65
a blood-drenched dagger
Extremely Hard 1.75
Small dull dagger
Hurts to See It / Chunk*
1.3 / 1.7*
Obsidian knife 7 Massacre 2.75
Funky purple blade 6
Extremely Hard
a small laser knife 8
Hurts To See It 1.45
Dungeon Kukri 9
Chunk 1.80
a thin green athame 6
Extremely Hard 1.55
Feather Quill 8
Hurts To See It 4.50
Bone knife 8
Hurts To See It 1.35
Serrated boning knife 9
Chunk 3.00
Naval officer's stiletto 8 Hurts To See It 2.75

a fisher's knife

Massacre  1.00 

a hooked tip knife

Hard  1.65 

Surgical Steel Scalpel 

Chunk  1.40

an ornate main gauche

6 Extremely Hard 1.70 

Argus Knife

Hurts To See It  2.00 

a wickedly sharp candy cane 

Extremely Hard  1.50 

Frozen Dagger

Hurts To See It  2.50 
Dungeon Dagger 10 Splinter 2.05
officers stiletto
6 Extremely Hard  1.50
a small bone knife 8 Hurts To See It 1.35
Sai of Greed 4 Hard 1.80
Dagger of Striking 8 Hurts To See It 2.00

a triangular onyx blade

8 Hurts To See It 2.85


Guilds and Specializations which offer training in Knife:



Starting Cost
Capacitor's Guild 1500
Fighters' Guild 600 
Swordsmen Specialization  
Spellcaster's Guild 2000
Warlock Specialization 1000
Red Disciples Guild  1000
Thief Specialization 600
Bard Specialization 2600
Mageslayer's Guild 600
Dustman's Guild 1100
Dark Heart Specialization 1000
Forester's Guild 650



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