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Light Axe

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Light Axe  

     Proficiency in the light axe includes most of the lighter, single-handed chopping weapons you are bound to discover.  An example might be a hatchet. 


List of Light Axes available in the game:


Damage Val
Damage Speed
a battle axe Massacre
Flint's Axe Hurts To See It
Dungeon Kama 10 Splinter 2.05
Dungeon Sickle 10 Splinter 2.05
a green hatchet 5 Very Hard 2.05
a battle axe covered in moss 9 Chunk 3.80
a green axe 6 Extremely Hard 1.50
Naginata of Lust 8 Hurts To See It   0.55 
Dungeon Hand Axe 10 Splinter 1.90
ice hatchet 8 Hurts To See It 1.55
a tomahawk covered in glowing runes 7 Massacre 0.70



Guilds and Specializations which offer training in Light Axe:



Initial Cost
Capacitor's Guild 1500
Dustman's Guild 1100
Fighters' Guild 600 
Berserker Specialization 2400 
Crusader's Guild 1200 
Forester's Guild 650
Ranger's Guild 500


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