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Light Polearm

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Proficiency in the light polearm includes most of the lighter, single-handed thrusting weapons you are bound to discover.  Some examples are melee spears and tridents.


List of Light Polearms


Damage Val
Damage Speed
the Pitchfork of the Damned Massacre  0.85 
a large flaming spear Chunk  1.30 
a jagged edged harpoon Chunk 1.25 
a large surfboard 8 Hurts To See It 1.95
a spear shrouded in darkness 7 Massacre 1.40
a halloween devil's pitchfork 4 Hard 1.30
Justifier, the spear of light 8 Hurts To See It 1.15
jagged hooked spear 10 Splinter 1.50
a dark steel pike 9 Chunk 1.00
a spectral pike 4 Hard 0.55
Dungeon Short Spear 10 Splinter 1.65
Dungeon Pilum 10 Splinter 1.75



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