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Light Sword

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 Light Sword 

Proficiency in the light sword includes most of the lighter, single-handed cutting weapons you are bound to discover.  Some examples are katanas, rapiers, and foils. 


List of light swords you can find in the game:

  • Luck blade 
  • Sword of Minute Hope  
  • Flame longsword  
  • a sword glowing red with power
  • a deadly steel rapier 
  • a Fang sword 
  • a Drow sword 



Light Sword Ranking


Damage Value Damage Speed
Black Steel Blade
6 Extremely Hard
Blade of the Sun
Extremely Hard 0.70
Spectral longsword
Hurts To See It 1.45
Silvery longsword
Hurts To See It
Acid blade 8
Hurts To See It 1.50
Purple blade 9
Chunk 1.55
Soul Singer, the Song Blade 8
Hurts To See It 1.15
Katana of Saito Hajime 8
Hurts To See It 1.05
Dungeon short sword 10 Splinter 2.05
Acid etched metal blade 7
Massacre 1.35
Infernal flaming sword 8 Hurts To See It 1.30
Dungeon Longsword 10
Splinter 1.75
the Dancing Katana 7
Massacre 1.95
a masterwork scimitar 4
Hard 1.80
Scimitar of Speed 9
Chunk 4.65
a mass of white flames 10 Splinter 2.55
Dungeon teddy bear battle scissors 10 Splinter 1.90
Dungeon Rapier 10 Splinter 1.90
Silvery longsword 8 Hurts To See It 1.35
Paper sword 1 Graze 2.65
Dungeon Elven Sword 10 Splinter 1.90

Scimitar engulfed in flames

8 Hurts To See It 1.55
Dungeon Scimitar 10 Splinter 1.90
an ornate pirate's scimitar 6 Extremely Hard 1.55
a black orcish scimitar
8 Hurts To See It 1.70
a fine black orcish scimitar 8 Hurts To See It 1.80
a steel long sword 5 Very Hard 1.15
Bloodsword 8 Hurts To See It 1.30
a razor-sharp longsword 6 Extremely Hard 1.50
The Mighty Sheep Blade 6 Extremely Hard 1.80
a misty shadow blade 8 Hurts To See It 1.20
officers saber 6 Extremely Hard 1.50
an ancient decayed blade 10 Splinter 2.00
a shiny curved blade 9 Chunk 1.60
a cadet gilt sword 9 Chunk 1.35
an icy blue blade of cold 11 Disfigure 2.50
The Demon Blade 8 Hurts To See It 1.05
a white Solamnic sword 5 Very Hard
a curved black blade 5 Very Hard 1.00
a thick sword of grey undead bone 8 Hurts To See It 1.50
a beautifully jeweled rapier  7 Massacre  1.10
a red steel sword 6 Extremely Hard  1.50
a drow blade [bursting with power] 11 Disfigure 4.00
a Sordlah sword 9 Chunk 2.25
a jagged edged longsword 9 Chunk 1.65


 Guilds and Specializations which offer training in Light Sword:



Initial Cost
Capacitor's Guild 1500 
Dustman's Guild 1100
Fallen Specialization 800
Fighters' Guild 600 
Swordsmen Specialization 500
Bodyguard Specialization  
Berserker Specialization 600
Crusader's Guild 1500
Paladin Specialization 950
Padawan Guild  
Red Disciples Guild  4000
Bard Specialization 3600


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