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Proficiencies are vital to your survival in EOTL. When you earn experience points, you can spend them on poficiencies in various forms of combat/weapons. For example you may train in Hands which could be hand-held weapons like brass knuckles, or even possibly just good old fashioned bare-knuckled brawling. There are MANY proficiencies available in EOTL at various Guilds, Specializations, and other training facilities. Generally, training your proficiency up in a weapon is one of the single best ways to increase your effectiveness in combat, as you will do MUCH more damage as your proficiency goes up. The advice from players varies, but generally it is recommended to strive for 31 in your proficiency of choice as a 'medium eval' character. Then you can strive to attain 36, or 41 or even higher as you progress.  Keep in mind there are Items that can affect your proficiency as well, so if you are trying to attain the maximum possible proficiency you should try and get some of these Items!





List of available Prociciencies:


Go to the Weapons Page for a complete list of all the Proficiencies available.



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