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Swordsman are daring adventurers who combine outstanding courage, swordfighting skill, resourcefulness, chivalry and a distinctive sense of humour and justice. They are filled with pride and ego and boast about their successes and talent and are more than willing to prove their boasts aren't just show.



From Heart: 5w, 2d, 5n, pay guard, 3n, 7e, 2s, 3w, 4s, board boat, climb aboard, starboard, stern (may have to open door first), aft





Proficency Starting Cost
Light Sword 500
Light Flail 500
Pistol 700
Artillery 1100



  • 20 Light sword
  • 30 Charisma
  • 60 Dex
  • Dex 30 higher than str or con. 



  • Dex must be 20 higher than strength or consitution to train skills
  • Only light armor may be worn (know the full details.. enter it here!)

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