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The X-Men cabal is based on the the X-Men comics.  






Possibly a cabal created early on in the EOTL Timeline, an exact date is unknown to the public. The questions 'Who created it?' and 'When was it created?' are yet to be answered. The evolution of the cabal to what it is today is also unknown.

[section need significant help - do you know anything?] 


Cabal Connections


X-Men is primarily accessible is from the Eternal cabal. Located just south of the heart, it is reached by via the SR-71 Blackbird.




X-men is a small cabal compared to others on EOTL. All the areas are enclosed rooms.




Places of Interest


Things to ponder

  • There is a (somewhat limited) infrastructure for a guild to to be opened in the north of the cabal. There is no plan for this to happen though
  • There was once a virtual reality machine in the teleport room. Players were able to combat each other much the same way as the multi-arena works. It is currently offline with no plan for its return. 

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